Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Spring 2017 Field Trips: Residential Real Estate in Exeter and London

The students on the MSc Real Estate went on a couple of field trips recently that had a residential flavour. Read on and click on the red links for more information.

Presentations on the Cranbrook development (photos by Harry Silcock)

In March, the students went on a field trip to the Cranbrook development that is taking shape near Exeter. Cranbrook is a new town being developed in East Devon, initially consisting of 2,900 residential properties, built to the highest code for sustainable homes with the aim of becoming a trailblazer for low carbon mass open market housing developments. The visit focused on the sustainable aspects of the development as well as the task of building a community from scratch and included presentations and discussions from the Chief Executive and Growth Director at Exeter City (Karime Hassan) and the Project Manager for Cranbrook (Mike Owen). After lunch the students were take on a tour of the Energy Centre and of the public areas within the development. Find out what the residents think of their community in the fourth annual community poll of residents.

On the second field trip (in April) the students went to London to explore East Village, the residential development based in the Athlete's Village at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and to see the redevelopment of Covent Garden.

First stop was East Village and the HQ of Get Living London to find out more about the way they (Get Living London) are developing and managing the properties (1400 rental properties). The students listened to an excellent presentation from Emily Alexander from Get Living London before taking a guided tour of the (vast) site and one of the rental properties. And now for some photos (by the Ed unless otherwise mentioned)...

The view from the flat we visited (photo by Harriet Cowcher)

At Get Living London HQ (spot the bird boxes)
Mace are constructing the first building of the second phase of East Village under cover to
minimise disturbance to existing residents

On tour. East Village is huge (and still expanding).

Inside one of the flats (10 floors up)

Shops, parks and Westfield (where we had lunch)

After lunch (and finding the coach) the students set out on a slow road trip across London to Covent Garden. On arrival at the offices of Capco the students listened to a presentation from Andrew Hicks (Estate Director for Covent Garden) on the development and vision for the area and asked lots of questions. Andrew and his team (which included an alumni from the BSc REM at Oxford Brookes) then took the students on a guided tour of Covent follow:

Presentation from Andrew Hicks (Capco) and the model of Covent Garden

The MSc students reflected in Reflect London the art installation which wraps 32,000 square feet of mirrors around the eastern fa├žade of the market building to hide the restoration work taking place. 

On tour...

...around Covent Garden with Andrew Hicks from Capco

The street entertainers are still a big feature of Covent Garden

Now that you've reached the end, you might want more information on the MSc Real Estate at Oxford Brookes. Find it on the blog or on our website.

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