Tuesday, 19 June 2018

MSc Real Estate: Berlin 2018

Getting ready for the Knight Frank tour of Berlin

Each year the students on the MSc Real Estate take part in a study visit to Europe which allows them to find out more about the operation of land and property markets in a different institutional context from that found in the UK. This year (on 20-25 May) the students (and staff) went to Berlin, the capital city of Germany and a world city of culture, politics, media and science. With a growing economy based on high-tech firms and the service sector, it is hard to believe that until 30 years ago, the city, situated in what was East Germany, was split down the middle by the Berlin Wall. In those days, the two sides of the city were very different. Find out more about the history of Berlin here and a guide to the modern Berlin here. Finally, click here for some background information on the booming property market in Berlin.

Mike Patrick (organiser of the field trip) in front of the Berlin Wall (in West Germany)
nearly 30 years ago and the Brandenburg Gate today.

As part of the study visit, the students were given a project to work on...the aim of which is to integrate a range of core property skills that the students have acquired during the MSc Real Estate in order to address a professional project brief. The students looked at the retail, office and residential markets in and around Berlin and were asked to submit and present a group report about their understanding of the real estate market in Berlin. During the study visit, the students were able to build on their knowledge through a series of city tours and presentations by local experts. Thanks to all the students and staff for the great photos.

The Knight Frank bus tour...with complimentary sunglasses.

On tour in Berlin...

...out in the city.

Bits of Berlin by David Shiers

Group meal

Berlin is famous for its street art - especially the gallery on the remainder of the Berlin Wall.

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Thursday, 26 April 2018

MSc Real Estate: Oxford and London

The students on the MSc Real Estate went on two field trips recently...the first had a residential focus and the second looked at two of the Great Estates of London. Read on and click on the red links for more information.

The MSc students with Mike Stubbs at Barton Park

Mike Stubbs and Ian Hembrow took the students on a number of site visits around Oxford on Friday 16 March including:

And then, on the 18 April, the MSc students went to London to visit two of the 'Great Estates': the Crown Estate and Covent Garden (Capco). The students were given a presentation and guided tour at both locations...focusing on:
  • The ethos, objectives and goals of the Estate
  • Its history and foundation
  • Examples of additional investment, proactive asset management and development
  • Management of the estate
  • Attitude to public realm
  • Additional contributions to local community
  • Future plans 

Presentation on the Crown Estate by Sarah Stanley.

The MSc students on a guided tour of the Crown Estate - led by Tom Ridge

The Crown Estate tour

Presentation on Covent Garden by Cornelia Kearns and Harry Hitchins from Capco

Guided tour of Covent Garden by Cornelia Kearns and Harry Hitchins (Capco)

Covent Garden 

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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Great Estates of London 2018

The first year students on the BSc Real Estate Management went on a field trip to learn more about the Great Estates of London on Friday 16 March 2018. First stop was the recently renovated Regent Street Cinema for a series of talks on the Great Estates of London.

Settling into the Regent Street Cinema

This field trip is part of the Integrative Project which provides a background to the subjects that are taken in the first year. The module addresses the discipline-based and transferable skills that students will need during their time at university and beyond. These skills are explored and developed through a series of activities which involve viewing real estate from a range of perspectives. After the field trip, the students work in teams to prepare a group presentation about the Great Estates of London (the one visited by the team on the field trip) and how they are managed to positively enhance their value.

Back to the field trip itself (click on the red links for more information)....the students listened to a series of presentations and videos at the Regent Street Cinema before splitting into 6 groups for a walking tour of one of the following Great Estates:

The Grosvenor Estate
The Howard de Walden Estate
The Crown Estate
The Portman Estate
The Pollen Estate

And now for the photos (by Rachel Dixon and Youngha Cho)...

Paul Jenkins (Associate Lecturer and Asset Manager at Boultbee Brooks) and Nick Bailey (Project Manager at Argent) gave presentations on the Great Estates of London and the students watched this video by New London Architecture.  

Starting off the tour of the Howard de Walden Estate with a presentation...

...before heading out into Marylebone


...and inside an empty building converted for office use.

On the way to Harley Street

Marylebone High Street

The Cramer Street Car Park - home to Marylebone Farmers' Market

Walking back towards Marylebone High Street

The redevelopment of Marylebone High Street features two 'anchor' stores - one of which is Waitrose...

...and a host of independent retailers, creating a unique and interesting retail experience.

Finishing up with a visit to a very traditional (and small) London pub: the Golden Eagle

The Shaftesbury group - the estate includes some of the most iconic destinations in London:
Soho, Chinatown, Carnaby, Fitzrovia and Covent Garden

Liberty of London

Carnaby Street

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The OBREMS/OBU Mentoring Scheme 2018: The Launch

The launch of the 2018 OBREMS/OBU Mentoring Scheme took place on 21 March and was hosted by Cushman & Wakefield at their offices in Portman Square, London. The launch brought together mentors and students (mentees) for the first time at a fantastic networking event. The Mentoring Scheme (now in its sixth year) is managed jointly by OBREMS (which, by the way, is our alumni association) and the School of the Built Environment and is open to second year students on the BSc Real Estate Management and the BA Planning and Property Development.

This year, applications to the Mentoring Scheme have more than doubled and, thanks to the work of OBREMS in promoting the scheme amongst their members this year, we have been able to allocate a mentor to each student that applied. An exciting development this year has been an increase in the number of younger mentors, some of whom took part in the Mentoring Scheme themselves when they were students.

George Roberts welcoming everyone to Cushman & Wakefield

Dan Sames from the School of the Built Environment at Oxford Brookes introduced the Mentoring Scheme and then passed over to George Roberts, Head of UK and Ireland at Cushman & Wakefield (and one of our alumni from the BSc Real Estate Management), who welcomed everyone to the event and to Cushman & Wakefield. And then Dan introduced the following speakers:

Chris Wilton (Cushman & Wakefield) and John King (CBRE) both took part in the Mentoring Scheme when they were students at Oxford Brookes - they talked about their experiences as students on the Mentoring Scheme (in 2013 and 2014) and gave the new mentees lots of useful tips. Both Chris and John are taking part in the scheme again this year as mentors.

Chris Wilton (left) and John King talking about their time as 'mentees'

Laura Sweet (Mayfair Capital) and Andrew Hynard (Howard de Walden Estate) have been involved with the Mentoring Scheme for a number of years. They talked about their experiences as mentors and the need to adapt to different students and their individual needs...they also spoke about how much enjoyment they got out of taking part in the Mentoring Scheme as mentors.

Laura Sweet and Andrew Hynard giving our new (and old) mentors some advice.

One of the unique features of our Mentoring Scheme is that all of our mentors are graduates of either Real Estate (BSc or MSc) or Planning and Property Development (BA) at Oxford Brookes (or Oxford Polytechnic as it used to be). This means that mentors and students have an immediate connection. Students had the opportunity to chat with a wide range of mentors during the event before meeting up with their mentor for an individual 'first' meeting. The energy and buzz that filled the room at the launch event is reflected in some of the photos...

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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

MSc Real Estate: Bicester Village 2018

Bicester Village by Mike Patrick

At the end of February the MSc Real Estate students went on the annual field trip to the international shopping destination that is Bicester Village. Bicester Village is one of a number of Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages that are operated and owned by Value Retail. There are now nine 'villages' in Europe and two in China and each is defined by its luxury brands and open-air ‘village’ setting.

The purpose of trip is to highlight the link between business, marketing, branding and real estate. The day started with breakfast which was followed by presentations from the management team and from Miranda Markham, Community Relations Director for Value Retail, which was followed by a lively Q&A session. The MSc students go to Bicester Village each year (read about the 2017 visit here) ...so what's new for 2018? Click on the red links for more information.

Phase 4 of the development has now opened (in October 2017) and includes more 30 new shops and 450 new parking spaces as well as a traffic management system. Bicester Village remains a major tourist destination in the UK and is now the second most visited tourist attraction in the UK. The development of the Bicester Village rail station reflects this - offering a direct route from central London as well as luxury surroundings and uniformed staff. This attention to detail has been crucial to the success of Bicester Village.

The uniform at Bicester Village

Bicester Village places a lot of importance on the use of social media for advertising and promotion and is using it very successfully, particularly Instagram. Take a look...

Instagram - 75.4k followers (compared with 45.1k in March 2017)
Facebook - 233.8k likes (compared with 189k in March 2017)
Weibo - (the Chinese microblogging site which is similar to Twitter) has 45k followers

After breakfast and the presentations the students walked from the John Paul II Centre through Bicester town centre and entered Bicester Village through the new railway station. They had time to take a look at the development and then indulge in some serious retail therapy with a VIP card kindly provided by Bicester Village.

And what of Bicester itself? The town continues to expand with the UK's first eco-town taking shape in NW Bicester. Take a look at the timeline and the development of Elmsbrook and Himley Village.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

BSc Real Estate Management: Bristol 2018

The students outside the Premier Inn (where they stayed for the field trip)

This year (on 19 February), the third year students on the BSc Real Estate Management headed off to Bristol for the annual PPT (Professional Practice Test) residential visit. The visit provides the students with an opportunity to study a local property market (in a location away from the south-east) and to apply all aspects of the real estate management subject disciplines to locally based case study problem solving. Thanks to Albert Cao and David Shiers for the photos.

And so to Bristol...Bristol is a city straddling the River Avon in the southwest of England with a prosperous maritime history. Amongst (many) other things, Bristol is home to the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge and (was home) to its equally famous engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. It is also home to Bristol Blue, a great harbourside and some rather famous street art (and Banksy). Take a look a the red links to find out a bit more.

Bristol Blue by David Shiers

On the first day, the students started with a visit to The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, a shopping centre managed by Intu, where they went on a walking tour of the site and listened to a talk on the development from Greg Wilson (from Intu). After lunch the students visited Lakeshore, a residential development by Urban Splash...which has been in the local news recently. In the evening they attended a presentation about the Retail Market in Bristol and were given the coursework briefing, before going out for a group meal.

On the second day, the students listened to a presentation about the Office Market in Bristol...

...and were given a guided tour of the commercial areas in Bristol

The next two days were spent working in groups, researching sites and preparing project presentations for the PPT vivas which were held on the final day. And then back to Oxford.

Interested? More information about the BSc Real Estate Management here.