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The MSc Real Estate Investment Finance and the MSc Real Estate

The Department of Real Estate and Construction (REC) has launched a new online programme in Real Estate Investment Finance. The programme is available at MSc or Postgraduate Diploma level and also at Certificate level for those who want to take the modules for continuing professional development or training purposes.

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First, a bit of history: in 2014, REC took over delivery of the Certificate of Real Estate Investment Finance (CREIF) which was developed in 2007 by the Asia Pacific Real Estate Association (APREA). CREIF was developed in response to industry demand for a practical and applied programme that would meet the professional education needs of the dynamic real estate industry in Asia to give real estate professionals across all sectors the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the real estate investment market. CREIF students have included asset managers, fund managers, investment bankers, project managers, valuers, developers and analysts. 

CREIF has been very successful and students began to ask APREA to develop a postgraduate-level REIF programme linked to a major university. APREA approached REC at Oxford Brookes University and so the further development of CREIF began. The new MSc and PG Diploma build on the structure and success of CREIF and offer students the opportunity to study Real Estate Investment Finance in more depth. The features that made CREIF so successful have been maintained and enhanced: 
  • online, distance-learning tailored to students who are also working full-time
  • a practically based course which makes extensive use of real-life examples
  • opportunities to share knowledge and experience across the world
  • face-to-face networking 
  • input from local experts 
The PG Diploma REIF has been designed for students who are looking for a taught programme and the MSc REIF for those who wish to also undertake a research project (the MSc dissertation).

A lot of enquirers have been asking how the new MSc/PG Diploma REIF is different from the MSc Real Estate which is also offered by the Department of Real Estate and Construction. Here is a brief summary:

Who are the programmes designed for?
MSc/PGD REIF - designed for professionals (with a first degree) who are working in a related industry such as asset managers, fund managers, investment bankers, project managers, valuers, developers or analysts who wish to gain a better understanding of the real estate investment market. 

MSc RE - designed as a conversion course for graduates from a range of disciplines who wish to enter the real estate industry.

What subjects are covered?
MSc/PGD REIF - the programmes are based around 4 core modules: Real Estate Investment Markets, Applied Real Estate Valuation, Real Estate Investment Finance, Legal and Regulatory Considerations with 2 additional modules for the MSc: Applied Research Methods and the Dissertation.

MSc RE - there are 3 pathways through the MSc Real Estate: Commercial, International and Residential. The 3 pathways share a number of core modules and each pathway also has a series of specialist modules - for more information visit the MSc RE web page.

How are the courses delivered?
MSc/PGD REIF - a distance-learning, online programme which allows students to control their pace of study and offers a flexible and innovative way to study. Each module has been designed around a series of 6 learning packages and progress in each module is assessed through a combination of online tests, workbooks, problem-solving, analysis and report writing. There are no formal exams. The programme lasts a minimum of 1 year (PG Diploma) and can be spread over a period of up to 5 years.

MSc RE - a full-time programme taught over 1 year on campus at Oxford Brookes University in the UK. Each module is assessed individually, through coursework such as submission of reports and presentations, and/or formal written examination.

When do the courses start?
MSc/PGD REIF - the 4 core modules have been designed as stand-alone modules to enable students to start the programme at any point. Start dates for 2015 are: March, June and September.

MSc RE - the start date is September each year.

Any special features?
MSc/PGD REIF - a series of Network Seminars offer students face-to-face contact, opportunities to share work and study experiences and to build professional networks. The Network Seminars will be locally based and will build on the practical approach of the programmes by incorporating sessions given by local practitioners and academics. Although not compulsory, students are strongly encouraged to attend the Network Seminars (extracts will also be made available online).

MSc RE - one of the most important elements of the MSc Real Estate is the field trip schedule, which helps students to build on their learning by seeing how things are done in practice. These start in the induction week with trips around Oxford and London and are followed by further day trips to London, a three-day residential field trip to another major UK city and in the summer there is a five-day residential trip to a major European city. Take a look at the MSc RE field trips by clicking on the link.

Are the programmes accredited?
MSc/PGD REIF - the MSc REIF is accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) through the Partnership Agreement between Oxford Brookes University and the RICS.

MSc RE - accredited by the RICS through the Oxford Brookes/RICS Partnership Agreement.

How do you apply?
For the MSc/PGD REIF and the MSc RE, applications should be made through UKPASS - the portal for postgraduate programmes in the UK.

More information:
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