Monday, 11 March 2013

Professional Practice Test 2013

Spring (well almost) and time for the third year students on the BSc Real Estate Management to head off to Manchester for the PPT (Professional Practice Test) residential visit. The visit provides the students with an opportunity to study a local property market (in a location away from the south-east) and to apply all aspects of the real estate management subject disciplines to locally based case study problem solving.

The PPT itself is both a challenging and rewarding experience for students and is designed to promote and examine the ability of students to communicate effectively, demonstrating self-confidence, time management and self-motivation. Why do we put the students (and staff) through this? Because it provides excellent training and preparation for students who will be seeking membership of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors through the APC.

LS Lowry, Going to Work, 1959, The Lowry Collection (Salford Quays)

On the first day, the early morning coach took the students up north to the first stop: Salford. The students were given a tour of Salford Quays - the site of the old Manchester Docks and an area which has undergone massive regeneration since the closure of the old dockyards in 1982. For the full regeneration story visit the Salford City Council website. The students continued their journey to the city centre where they attended a presentation on Manchester the city, given by Jones Lang LaSalle.

The first day concluded with a briefing session on the property scenarios. The property scenarios or case studies are real life scenarios based on various buildings and development sites around the city. This year the scenarios were hosted by CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield and Savills and a representative from each company presented their project to the students onsite. Then it was over to the students to start their fieldwork and carry out inspections at their allocated sites. The students presented their projects on the final day of the field trip during a formal viva voce examination and they also had to submit a written report once they returned to Oxford.

As well as the property scenarios, each student had to take part in two more scenario based assessments (viva voce examinations again) on Professional Liability and Landlord and Tenant Law and Professional Conduct. These vivas were designed to test students on their presentation skills, accuracy and ability to think on their feet.

A fairly intense, but rewarding week for all concerned!

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