Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Drawing up a Schedule of Dilapidations in Wantage

Students in the second year of the BSc Real Estate Management take a module about the construction and appraisal of real estate which includes a site visit. This year, the students went to look at an industrial unit on the Grove Technology Park in Wantage, Oxfordshire. The unit had recently been leased to the online betting and gaming company, Stan James, who vacated the premises about 8 weeks before our visit. Grove Technology Park was recently bought by the owners of Grove Business Park which is, not surprisingly, just next door.

The students were there to appraise the condition of the industrial unit (inside and outside) and to draw up a Schedule of Dilapidations. Basically a list of what's wrong with the building, or more formally 'a list of outstanding repair and maintenance items for a commercial or residential tenanted building'. The students took lots of photos to support their work and I took a few of them in action...

Stan James still life.

Appraising the inside...

...and noting where repairs are needed.

The spiral staircase.


Looking down on the old screens.

The kitchen area...

...and the bin. Left just as it was.

More detail.

Back downstairs...

...and outside.

Outside detail.

Fire escape. Look carefully and spot the nest underneath the top platform.

And back inside for final checks...
...with the module leader, David Shiers (pointing at the ceiling).

Leaving the building at the end of the trip.

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