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BSc Real Estate Management 2016: the first two field trips

The students who joined the BSc Real Estate Management in September 2016 have already been on two field trips, designed to inspire and focus their learning.

The first (during Induction Week) was a guided walking tour of Oxford with Footprint Tours. As well as enjoying the tour, the students had a number of questions to answer. It was a beautiful day to enjoy the city and learn more of its history before going back up the hill to Headington. The full tour in photos (by the Ed) is available in the photo album on our Facebook page.

Starting the Oxford Tour in Broad Street

The second trip was to the Great Estates of London on Friday 14 October 2016. This field trip is part of the first year Integrative Project which provides a background to the subjects that are taken in the first year. The module addresses the discipline-based and transferable skills that students will need during their time at university and beyond. These skills are explored and developed through a series of activities which involve viewing real estate from a range of perspectives. In broad terms this includes the subject areas of planning, construction, law, economics, management and valuation. The students will be working in teams to prepare a group presentation to address the following topic: critically discuss how the Great Estates of London (the one visited by the team on the field trip) are managed to positively enhance their value. The following video from New London Architecture explains the history of the Great Estates of London...

Back in London, and the first stop was the recently renovated Regent Street Cinema for a series of talks on the Great Estates of London. In the afternoon the students (and staff) split into 6 groups and were given a guided tour of one of the Great Estates (click on the red links for more information):

The Crown Estate, tour/talk by Peter Best, Head of Regent Street Management Direct
The Portman Estate, tour/talk by James Thomason, Commercial Asset Manager at The Portman Estate
Howard de Walden, tour/talk by Jenny Hancock, Creative Director at Howard de Walden Estates
Shaftesbury, tour/talk by Addy Williams, Retail Leasing and Strategy Surveyor at Shaftesbury PLC
Covent Garden (CapCo), tour/talk by Andy Hicks, Property Director of Covent Garden
The Grosvenor Estate, tour/talk by Emilie Walker, Executive Analyst at Grosvenor

Inside the Regent Street Cinema

The students were introduced to the Great Estates of London with talks on the Cadogan Estate (by Stuart Corbyn, currently Non-Executive Director at Derwent London) and Victoria (by Ben Ridgewell, Harry Foster and Ian Burr, currently based at Land Securities).  Photos from top left: Paul Jenkins (from Oxford Brookes) talking to Ben Ridgewell, Harry Foster and Ian Burr. Rebecca Gee (also from Oxford Brookes) chatting with Andrew Hynard (newly appointed Chief Executive at Howard de Walden) and Stuart Corbyn. Stuart Corbyn talking about the Cadogan Estate and Chelsea and (bottom) Ben Ridgewell, Harry Foster and Ian Burr talking about Victoria. 

And now onto the tours themselves...we have photos of the tours of Covent Garden (CapCo) and Marylebone (Howard de Walden). Photos by Rachel Dixon and Gina Dalton.

Much of the Covent Garden redevelopment is being led by CapCo, who are working closely with Westminster City Council. The area about to get it's first luxury boutique hotel, developed in association with Robert De Niro, who will be joint operator of the new Wellington Hotel. 

Developments around Covent Garden, including Reflect London which has been created to offer new perspectives of the historic site while concealing essential building works as the Market Hall undergoes its latest transformation. 

Around Floral Street and the Piazza - home to the traditional Covent Garden street entertainers.

Outside and inside the Market Hall, including Shake Shack (bottom right)...the first branch in the UK.

Marylebone High Street...

...dedicated to independent shops. Retailers are selected for the qualities they can bring to the area rather than for the rent they are prepared to pay. The HDW Estate seeks out quality, diversity and difference—avoiding either a clone high street of major multiples or an exclusive enclave of expensive brands. 

Harley Street (in Marylebone) has been noted since the 19th century for its large number of private specialists in medicine and surgery - there are more than 3,000 people employed in the Harley Street area, in clinics, hospitals and medical/paramedical practices.

The final event of the day was a visit to The Estates Gazette in Holborn. The students found out about the different resources on offer to them to help with their studies (and beyond) and The Estates Gazette found out what the students would like to be offered in the future.

Starting the journey home after an excellent field trip. The coach was buzzing.

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