Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Liverpool Field Trip 2016

The fab four (with another fab four). Photo by Millie Boffey.

The third year students on the BSc Real Estate Management headed off to Liverpool for the PPT (Professional Practice Test) residential visit on 29 February 2016. The visit provides the students with an opportunity to study a local property market (in a location away from the south-east) and to apply all aspects of the real estate management subject disciplines to locally based case study problem solving.

Liverpool itself is one of the most impressive cities in the UK from an architectural perspective - the city centre is full of amazing 18th, 19th and early 20th century buildings that reflect its rich industrial and cultural heritage. Take a look at the history of Liverpool here. Liverpool went through a tough time in the mid to late 20th century with the decline of local industries and high levels of unemployment - factors that contributed to the riots in the 1980s and a time documented in film and TV from the era. Through the last couple of decades, the city has started to rise again with a number of massive regeneration projects and its designation as the European City of Culture in 2008 which had a massive impact on the city. The students were encouraged to take some time to appreciate and experience the city. Take a look at the Visit Liverpool site to experience it for yourself.

In recent years, the UK government has become interested in the creation of a 'northern powerhouse' to promote regeneration and re-balance the UK economy which could include Liverpool along with Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield. The full government report on these proposals. But would the associated ideas and policies really make a difference? And even break down the north-south divide? Or would it be business as usual?

This is what the students got up to in Liverpool...

On the first day, the students went on a guided walking tour of Liverpool, followed by the project briefing. The day finished with a drinks reception at the Artists Club, hosted by Mason Owen.

The next day and a presentation on, and tour of, the  Liverpool Arena and Conference Centre (ACC), led by Bob Prattey, Chief Executive of Liverpool ACC. This was followed by a presentation on the real estate market in Liverpool by Andrew Byrne, CBRE and a talk about Liverpool One by Guy Butler. The students went on a self-guided tour of Liverpool One and spent the rest of the day on site visits and project preparation. The next two days were spent preparing their projects for the Professional Practice Test vivas on the final day, before heading south again, back to Oxford.

There was some spare time...thanks to Millie Boffey for the photo.

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