Monday, 25 February 2013

MSc Real Estate: Student Views

The 2012-13 MSc Real Estate students (at Knight Frank)

For the real low down on the MSc Real Estate, I asked the students who are taking the MSc Real Estate Management and MSc International Real Estate this year for some comments on the course. Here's what they said:

  • Teaches you some very useful practical skills, all very relevant in actual practice.
  • Fantastic year group size and calibre of personalities on it. The group are closer as a whole, and with the lecturers with whom it is easy to approach if there are queries or issues,
  • Some of the best speakers I've ever heard talk - you will hear from at least one visitor from almost all of the top firms, as well as many smaller niche firms. This helps when deciding who you like the sound of and who to apply to work for.
  • The modules are all interrelated and as a result everything becomes that more relevant to the end goal.
  • Great academic timetable, the perfect balance between lectures and private study time, the latter being very important also.
  • I like that there are so many presentations and meetings with people from the industry, be it in the class room or on field trips.
  • One of the great things about the course is the size of the group - this allows a lot more one on one help with issues.
  • I think the course is well balanced for getting employment, having exams before the Christmas break allows you to focus on interviews. When I was at assessment days I met people who had exams in between interviews which I would have found really tough.
  • The teaching is really good, I feel that the staff are happy to give up their time to help.

And now for a video with some more comments...

Enough. The choice is yours. Just remember that our new MSc Real Estate offers you three pathways: commercial; international and residential.

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