Sunday, 24 February 2013

Pathways and the MSc Real Estate

A lot of new pathways are being constructed at Oxford Brookes University at the moment. Not all of them are physical ones. Here in the Department of Real Estate and Construction we have redesigned our
MSc Real Estate so that it offers three distinct pathways: Commercial, Residential or International.

This photo shows the pathway that will form the entrance to our campus redevelopment. For an image of how it will look   when it is finished, click here

OK, so how does it work?
The programme to apply for is the MSc Real Estate. All students follow a set of core modules during the first semester and then select one of the pathways (commercial, residential or international) and take the specialist modules associated with that pathway during the second semester. Students then come back together at the end of the second semester to take one further core module and to complete their Applied Project in their chosen topic over the summer.

And what's so good about it?
  • The fact that students take the core modules together before specialising in their chosen pathway means that students get the best of both worlds: opportunities to share experiences and different approaches during the core modules as well as the opportunity to specialise and focus on a particular pathway. 
  • The philosophy of the degree: to provide students with a theoretical framework in the early modules of the programme and to build on this with practical, real life examples and case studies. 
  • The staff. Not only do the consistently high ratings (we're talking 4.9 out of 5 here) given to our staff at the end of each module tell us that they're doing a lot of things right, we ensure that our students benefit from the expertise of the practitioners, industry experts and alumni who regularly contribute to the programme. And then there's Nick French, the Programme Leader. The level of support he offers to students and his links with industry are legendary. Here's what one student had to say:

Sounds good so far, what else?
  • Our students will graduate with a unique mix of general and specialised skills that they can use to their advantage in the job market.
  • Our professional networks, careers events and links with industry.
  • Our alumni network (OBREMS)
  • OBRESS our Student Society
  • The field trips (reports of these can be found on this blog).
  • Our dedicated MSc room and our campus redevelopment.

Who is it for?
The programme is designed for graduates from any discipline who wish to follow a career in real estate - also known as a conversion programme. It is accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and will prepare you for the challenges of entering professional practice and completing the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) to become a chartered surveyor.

When does is start?
September 2013. Watch out for the online launch coming early next year.

Want more information? Then go to our website.

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