Thursday, 13 December 2012

Our new Mentoring Scheme

The Department of Real Estate and Construction is working with OBREMS to launch a Mentoring Scheme for undergraduate students on the BSc Real Estate Management. The first group of students have signed up and we are now in the process of matching them with Mentors.

Why the picture of Nicole Scherzinger? For those of you who didn't watch the X Factor, she was one of the mentors this year and showed what an impact a good mentor can have (one of her mentees went on to win). Well I thought she was good. She really seemed to get to know her mentees and brought out the best in them whilst allowing them to be themselves. Think of the impact a good mentor could have on your future career. Remember though - it takes two to build a good mentoring relationship (click for some tips).

Photo courtesy of the Mirror

Our Mentoring Scheme will officially launch in February 2013 in London and will offer second year students the opportunity to experience a one-to-one connection with a member of OBREMS - that's the Oxford Brookes Real Estate Management Society, our alumni association. This experience will be especially beneficial for students who do not already have established connections within the real estate industry.

We have decided to use the professional networking site, LinkedIn, to create a dedicated group where students can view mentors profiles and select their preferred choices for mentor. This means that students who wish to take part in the scheme will need to create a profile on LinkedIn, giving them the additional benefit of starting their professional network whilst still a student.

For more information about our Mentoring Scheme take a look at the Department website. And check back for further reports on the blog - including The Launch in February 2013.

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