Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The DREC Troll

The Troll is a bit of a star in the Departmental Office. He moved to the new building last week. So we documented his and our journey from old to new. The old building (Darcy) will close soon and is due to be demolished shortly. Our memoirs will follow in a blog post over the summer. Photos by Rachel Dixon.

OK, where has everybody gone?

Time to leave.

Last look out of the window.

Down the stairs

Goodbye Darcy

Are you sure it's down here?

Automatic doors? 

Up the stairs...

....where I met the removal guys

More stairs

Not quite finished then?

I can see the new bit...

View from a bridge

Almost there

My new office - better be careful on these white desks

For some more images of the new building visit the Not Just Hard Hats blog.

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