Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Arrivals and Departures

There will be a few over the next few months. We'll start with the Departures. Tim Dixon (Professor of Real Estate and Director of the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development) left the Department at the end of June. He has moved to the University of Reading to take up a Chair (trying to think of a chair joke, but failing) in Sustainable Futures in the Built Environment in the School of Construction Management and Engineering.

Some photos (by Gina Dalton and Franco Cheung) of Tim's leaving party:

Dean's Speech (the Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment is Paul Inman - on the left) and Tim

Pink shirt, blue balloons.

Head of Department's Speech (DREC Head of Department is Joe Tah - in the centre of the photo)

Tim's Speech

The Cake (didn't give a speech)

Sam (Tim's son) eating the cake (he didn't give a speech either)

Tim is succeeded as Director of OISD by Rajat Gupta, Professor of Sustainable Architecture and Climate Change at Oxford Brookes University.

There will be two arrivals in September as two new members of staff join the Department. I'm hoping to introduce them with a Q&A session.

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