Tuesday, 19 June 2018

MSc Real Estate: Berlin 2018

Getting ready for the Knight Frank tour of Berlin

Each year the students on the MSc Real Estate take part in a study visit to Europe which allows them to find out more about the operation of land and property markets in a different institutional context from that found in the UK. This year (on 20-25 May) the students (and staff) went to Berlin, the capital city of Germany and a world city of culture, politics, media and science. With a growing economy based on high-tech firms and the service sector, it is hard to believe that until 30 years ago, the city, situated in what was East Germany, was split down the middle by the Berlin Wall. In those days, the two sides of the city were very different. Find out more about the history of Berlin here and a guide to the modern Berlin here. Finally, click here for some background information on the booming property market in Berlin.

Mike Patrick (organiser of the field trip) in front of the Berlin Wall (in West Germany)
nearly 30 years ago and the Brandenburg Gate today.

As part of the study visit, the students were given a project to work on...the aim of which is to integrate a range of core property skills that the students have acquired during the MSc Real Estate in order to address a professional project brief. The students looked at the retail, office and residential markets in and around Berlin and were asked to submit and present a group report about their understanding of the real estate market in Berlin. During the study visit, the students were able to build on their knowledge through a series of city tours and presentations by local experts. Thanks to all the students and staff for the great photos.

The Knight Frank bus tour...with complimentary sunglasses.

On tour in Berlin...

...out in the city.

Bits of Berlin by David Shiers

Group meal

Berlin is famous for its street art - especially the gallery on the remainder of the Berlin Wall.

For more information on the MSc Real Estate and its three pathways, take a look here:

MSc Real Estate

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