Thursday, 18 January 2018

Real Estate Mentoring Scheme 2018

Ian Norris speaking about his experience of being a Mentor at the Mentoring Scheme launch in March 2017

We are about to launch the OBREMS/OBU Real Estate Mentoring Scheme for 2018. The Mentoring Scheme is managed jointly by OBREMS (which, by the way, is our alumni association) and the School of the Built Environment at Oxford Brookes University. For those of you who still haven't heard of it, take a look here.

This year, I asked two of the students who were mentored in 2016 (and graduated in 2017) to answer my questions and inspire you to take part:

Paige Collins at Graduation 2017

Max Hulse

The students are: Paige Collins (PC) who is now working as a Graduate Surveyor for Crest Nicholson and Max Hulse (MH).

What is your background and why did you choose to study Real Estate? 
PC: My background is that I did A levels at school and worked part  time in an estate agents. I chose to study real estate because it is something that I have always enjoyed doing and I had previous experience in doing it through my part time job.

MH: I chose Real Estate Management because of my initial curiosity about property, fueled by work experience.

And why did you choose Oxford Brookes? 
PC: I chose Brookes because it is one of the best places to study Real Estate and I like Oxford as a city.

MH: Brookes is known for the quality Real Estate Management course and also for the successful grad job rate.

Why did you choose to take part in the Real Estate Mentoring Scheme?
PC: I chose to take part in the mentoring scheme because it is good to have contacts in the industry. It is also good to use a mentor's knowledge about the market.

MH: I had no connections in the property industry beforehand. Property is a people focused industry and the more people you meet the better I believe.

What kind of support  did your Mentor offer?
PC: My mentor helped me with my dissertation and with CV

MH: Ran through CV and suggested edits; internship interview advice; introduced me to contacts who I could apply for work experience with; constant contact throughout and regular lunch meetings and finally, work experience.

What were the highlights/challenges about the mentoring relationship?
PC: It was just great to have close links with someone in the industry.

MH: Highlights were work experience and the networking opportunities. The challenge was maintaining the relationship whilst being at mentor was very good at encouraging me to keep in touch.

Would the Mentoring Scheme to other students?
PC: Yes it's really beneficial to have a contact in the industry who can aid you in your career.

MH: 100% yes. There is so much potential for amazing opportunities both at uni and after if you maintain contact. There's no easier way of building your first professional relationship. My advice is to be as active as possible and treat the mentoring relationship both professionally and personally.

The 2018 Mentoring Scheme will launch for student applications in January 2018 - check your email and our Facebook page for more information.

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