Monday, 13 June 2016

MSc Real Estate: Lisbon 2016 in numbers...

Each year the students on the MSc Real Estate take part in a study visit to Europe which allows them to find out more about the operation of land and property markets in a different institutional context from that found in the UK. This year the students (and staff) went to Lisbon, Portugal’s hilly capital. A coastal city known for its pastel-coloured buildings, cafe culture, custard tarts, beaches, soulful Fado music and a lively clubbing scene. Lisbon is recognised as a global city because of its importance in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, arts, international trade, education and tourism. It is one of the major economic centres in Europe, with a growing financial sector and one of the largest container ports on Europe's Atlantic coast (thanks Wikipedia). Lisbon is also known for its modern, bold architecture and urban creativity.

As part of the study visit, the students were given a project to work on...the aim of which is to integrate a range of core property skills that the students have acquired during the MSc Real Estate in order to address a professional project brief. The students were required to assess specific aspects of the property markets in and around Lisbon and report to a 'client' by means of an oral presentation and a written report. During the study visit, the students were able to build on their knowledge through a series of city tours and presentations by local experts.

And now,  with thanks to the students and staff who provided the photos, here is the field trip in numbers:

46 students (photo taken shortly before departure)

Four members of staff: David Shiers, Nick French (MSc Real Estate Leader), Paul Jenkins and Analise Attard

One beautiful city

One walking tour of the city, organised by Nick French, leader of the MSc Real Estate. It went something like this...visit the main office areas, retail areas and shopping centres and residential areas. Including:

...and three shopping centres:

Six presentations from local experts:

One giant pair of sunglasses

Four birthdays...Happy Birthday to: Theo, Lizzie, William (above left) and Nick French (above right)

Four prizes awarded by Nick French on the last night for: Most forgetful student, Most insightful student, Best student and Student "who really wanted a prize"

Two poems by the students
and the other by Paul Jenkins (reciting his poem above) about the field trip

And (not quite) finally...

Loads of memories. And now finally...

One Andressa Minogue who is the Programme Administrator for the MSc Real Estate. Contact her ( to find out more about the MSc, or take a look at our website and blog.

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