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MSc Real Estate: Covent Garden and King's Cross 2016

Last Thursday (21 April 2016) the MSc Real Estate students went on a field trip to look at the development of two of London's newest 'Great Estates' - Covent Garden and King's Cross. The following video, by New London Architecture discusses the history and development of the Great Estates of London:

First stop was Covent Garden which can trace its roots back to Saxon times. Andrew Hicks from Capco (and Estate Director for Covent Garden) gave an excellent presentation on the future development and vision for the area. This was followed by a tour of the 'estate' and plenty of questions and answers. I took a few photos...

Being shown around Covent Garden...

...which is still home to many street entertainers...

...and traditional market stalls.

Although it is changing - a lot of building work is underway. Including the development of residential units and
a luxury hotel (by Robert de Niro)...

...and the restoration of the Market Building - the eastern wall has now been covered in mirrors to hide the scaffolding whilst the building work takes place. Take a look at the project: Reflect London.

After a break for lunch, the students met up again in King's Cross for a tour of the area and a presentation at the King's Cross Visitors Centre, by David Williams and Andrew Eve from Savills (who are part of the King's Cross 'team'). The development taking place at King's Cross is the largest regeneration project in London and currently one of the largest in Europe. There is, of course lots of information available. One of the best sources is the King's Cross website, but take a look also at this article in the Guardian that talks about the huge amount of community engagement in the project. Roger Madelin from Argent (the developer) '...went around by bicycle, talking to 7,500 different people, he says, in 353 different meetings'. Now for the photos...

At King's Cross Station... to the birdcage swing (or IFO).

Walking through Pancras Square and one of the many water features in King's Cross.

Past the green wall (one of many green spaces)... the Granary Building (now home to Central St Martins).

Granary Square - the largest of the (privately owned) public spaces on the site. POPS (as they are known) have caused some debate about the ownership of public spaces. The fountains here can be controlled by you (via the Granary Squirt app).

Old and new. The circular buildings are residential developments built within the framework of the old gas holders. The old arches (formerly the coal drops yard) will be transformed into a canal-side shopping centre.

New residential development next to the gas holder site.

King's Cross Visitor Centre.

The canal-side at King's Cross.

Now that you've reached the end, you might want more information on the MSc Real Estate at Oxford Brookes. Find it on the blog or on our website.

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