Monday, 24 March 2014

Sociable Surveyors 2014: Take 2

Today, the Department of Real Estate and Construction welcomed back Lizzie Parrott (BSc REM 2011) and Tim Pierce (BSc REM 2013) who gave a presentation about the Sociable Surveyors Internship Scheme. Lizzie won an internship with Savills in New York through the scheme in 2011 and now works for Savills. Tim Pierce won internships with Hammersons (Paris), Savills (London) and Heron International (London) in 2012 and now works for Knight Frank.

Tim Pierce

A few highlights from the presentation that might be useful:
  • There are 50 internships on offer this year...Global (2 weeks based overseas and 2 weeks in London), London (4 weeks based in London) and Hybrid (6 weeks based in London gaining experience within three areas of real estate). 
  • The Sociable Surveyors team are running a 'Saturday Surgery' this year to answer queries from potential applicants - this takes place on Saturday 29 March - keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for more details.
  • Applicant videos seem to be getting more and more professional, but remember it's your passion for property and what you say that matters, not the backdrop. If you are applying for more than one internship, it is OK to create one general video, or you can create a 'template' which you then tweak for each application.
  • As well as your passion for property, remember to show your personality and include some information about your interests and achievements.
  • You have until midnight on Sunday 13 April 2014 to apply.
For more information on the 2013 winners from Oxford Brookes, take a look at the earlier blog post: Sociable Surveyors 2014.

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