Thursday, 7 November 2013

City of London Field Trip 2013

The first year students on the BSc Real Estate Management visited London Guildhall and the City of London on Friday 1 November 2013. The field trip is part of the first year Integrative Project which provides a background to the subjects that they study in the first year. The module encourages students to question the value of the heritage of the built environment and how they think about space, place and design and links this overview with the economic, legal and social systems that produced or revived the different types of architecture and town planning which helped shape the built environment. The trip also introduced the students to the truly vibrant and dynamic (some might say unique) property market in the historic City of London with its ancient street layout and office market based on financial and associated sectors.

First stop was Guildhall. This impressive building has been the City of London powerhouse since the twelth century and is now home to the City of London Corporation. The students on 'Bus B' split up into groups and set off on a walking tour of their allocated sites. The group I was with visited the Millennium Bridge, the Tate Modern and the Tate Modern Extension. They were asked to look at the developments in terms of: architecture; construction; heritage; urban design; sustainability and ability to meet market trends and make notes as they would feed into coursework for the module back at Oxford Brookes. The students on 'Bus A' stayed at the Guildhall for a series of presentations from GVA, one of the UK's leading property advisers. More about that later. First, the site visit in photos:

Mike Stubbs pointing us in the right direction

The City of London

Making our way to the Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge - looking over to the Tate Modern

And looking back to St Paul's Cathedral

The Tate Modern

Site appraisal in progress

Round the back to the Tate Modern Extension and the adjoining residential development (NEO Bankside)

Finding the way back to Guildhall. Easy. Google it.

Where did the other groups go? Here:

When our group returned to Guildhall (with a little help from Google) we joined the other students for a series of presentations from GVA about energy efficiency and office design and the City of London office market. The presenters were:
  • Daryl Perry (Senior Researcher GVA)
  • Alastair Mant (Head of Sustainability GVA)
  • Munish Vaswani (Sustainability Consultant GVA)

The students then had the opportunity to talk to Daryl Perry about future and past development in London with the help of the excellent model of London in the basement of Guildhall.

And then it was back to the coaches for the return trip to Oxford. If you want to see more pictures, take a look at the following video:

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