Tuesday, 21 May 2013

MSc Real Estate: some facts...

I had a coffee with a group of students who are due to complete the MSc Real Estate in September this year (I gave them biscuits as well). I wanted to find out what had made them come to Oxford Brookes and the Department of Real Estate and Construction and whether they felt that the information available to applicants  reflected the true experience of our MSc programme.

Well, they did and they didn't. For starters, one thing they felt would have been useful to see when they were applying were some stats about the students who take our MSc. So here are some stats (these will find their way to our web pages eventually too). The stats are based on the 2012-13 cohort and the 2012 graduates, but things don't vary that much from year to year.

The male/female split (photo taken at the 2013 Real Estate Cup)

Photo taken on a field trip to Birmingham (on top of the Dunlop Building)

The origin of our students (photo taken on a field trip to Oxford Station during Freshers' Week)

Photo taken at the OBREMS Seminar Day

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