Thursday, 7 March 2013

Field Trip to Heyford Park - 4 March 2013

Students taking the second year module 'The Construction and Appraisal of Commercial, Industrial and Residential Real Estate' were taken on a field trip to Heyford Park last week.

Heyford Park has a very interesting history: the site started out as a landing field for the Royal Flying Corps in 1916 and played a vital role between the first two world wars as a training base. Until 1994 it was the largest base for fighter aircraft in Europe and played a part in Operation Desert Storm in the early 1990s. It is now being redeveloped as a mixed-use site with residential and commercial buildings to provide a unique living and working experience which combines the feel of a being in a town with a location in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside. Have a look at the Heyford Park website for more details and check out the storage tag for images of some of the old industrial buildings.

The students were there to look at the old industrial buildings and to draw up a 'schedule of dilapidations'. Basically a list of what's wrong with the building, or more formally 'a list of outstanding repair and maintenance items for a commercial or residential tenanted building'. Photos by Ye Xu.

Briefing from David Shiers, Module Leader

The site is also home to the original 'Bomber Command'. Which is still intact, complete with telephones and the 'red' button although most of the maps have sadly been removed.

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