Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Knight Frank Prize 2012

This year, OBREMS (our alumni society), with the support of Knight Frank, have rewarded the efforts of three third year undergraduate students on the BSc Real Estate Management. The prizes (cash prizes...just in time for Christmas) were based on performance in their Development Project.

The winning students were:

1st prize (£250 + internship at Knight Frank): Tom Corderey
2nd prize (£175): Gareth Jones
3rd prize (£75): George Barker

From left to right: Tom, Gareth and George (photo by the Ed)

The Development Project was a feasibility study of a mixed use development in the Paddington area of London. Adrian Wilson, who heads up the Development Team at Knight Frank, came to the University to present the project to all the 3rd year undergraduates. He gave an overview of the site and the expectations of a hypothetical client given the brief.

The students were required to undertake a market analysis of the scheme and determine the land value of the site using current market parameters. Their recommendations were contained in a full report of the scheme and the site was analysed and delineated using Promap. Promap, a Landmark company, kindly supported OBU and Knight Frank by providing training on the use of Promap to all the BSc students undertaking the project. For more on the Promap partnership click here.

The winning team produced a joint report and then each gave a short presentation to the awarding committee. The committee was Adrian Wilson (Head of Development, Knight Frank), Rebecca Gee (BSc REM Programme Lead, Oxford Brookes) and Nick French (Professor in Real Estate, Oxford Brookes).

From left to right: Rebecca, George, Tom, Gareth, Adrian and Nick (photo by the Ed)

There's a lot of new development taking place in the Paddington area of London. If you're interested, take a look at the following links:

Paddington Central
Paddington Waterside
Paddington Development Trust

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